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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)SourcescopusWOSFulltext/Archive link
11996Biological control of turfgrass diseases with a rhizosphere competent strain of Trichoderma harzianumLo, C.-T.; Nelson, E.B.; Harman, G.EPlant Disease 49
21999Brown Root Rot of 10 Species of Fruit Trees Caused by Phellinus noxius in TaiwanP. J. Ann; H. L. Lee; T. C. HuangPlant Disease 28
31998Characterization of a potyvirus causing mild mosaic on tuberoseChen, C.C. ; Chang, C.A.Plant Disease 12
41990Comparison of two strains of peanut stripe virus in TaiwanChang, C. A.; Purcifull, D. E.; Zettler, F. W.Plant Disease 0
52013Development of a Semiselective Medium for Detection of Nalanthamala psidii, Causal Agent of Wilt of GuavaHong, C. F.; Hsieh, H. Y. ; Chen, C. T.; Huang, H. C.Plant Disease 3
61998Differentiation of Biologically Distinct Peanut Stripe Potyvirus Strains by a Nucleotide Polymorphism-Based AssayS. S. Pappu; H. R. Pappu; C. A. Chang; A. K. Culbreath; J. W. ToddPlant Disease 8
72004Field Evaluation of Transgenic Papaya Lines Carrying the Coat Protein Gene of Papaya ringspot virus in TaiwanHuey-Jiunn Bau; Ying-Huey Cheng ; Tsong-Ann Yu; Jiu-Sherng Yang; Pan-Chi Liou; Chi-Hsiung Hsiao; Chien-Yih Lin; Shyi-Dong YehPlant Disease 26
82009First Report of a Fruit Rot Disease of Avocado Caused by Neofusicoccum mangiferaeH. F. Ni ; R. F. Liou; T. H. Hung; R. S. Chen; H. R. YangPlant Disease 6
92010First Report of Anthracnose on Cucurbitaceous Crops Caused by Glomerella magna in TaiwanTsay, J. -G.; Chen, R. -S.; Wang, W. -L.; Weng, B. -C.Plant Disease 7
102009First Report of Capsicum chlorosis virus Infecting Amaryllis and Blood Lily in TaiwanC. C. Chen; C. H. Huang; Y. H. Cheng ; T. C. Chen; S. D. Yeh; C. A. ChangPlant Disease 6
112010First Report of Capsicum chlorosis virus Infecting Tomato in TaiwanC.-H. Huang; Y.-X. Zheng; Y.-H. Cheng ; W.-S. Lee; F.-J. JanPlant Disease 7
122013First Report of Chrysoporthe deuterocubensis Causing Canker on Syzygium samarangense in TaiwanFan, M. C.; Chi-Cho Huang ; Huang, J. S.; Tsai, S. F.; Yeh, H. C.; Hong, C. F.Plant Disease 3
132015First Report of Citrus Alternaria Brown Spot Caused by Alternaria alternata in TaiwanHui-Fang Ni ; C. W. Huang; H. R. YangPlant Disease 1
142018First Report of Common Scab on Potato Caused by Streptomyces europaeiscabiei in TaiwanChen-Yu Lin ; Hui-Fang Ni ; Huang, C. W.Plant Disease 0
152015First Report of Corynespora cassiicola Causing Leaf Spot of Papaya in TaiwanJ. N. Tsai ; P. J. Ann; H. F. Cheng; Z. H. Hsu; H. C. HuangPlant Disease 10
162010First Report of Cucumber mosaic virus on Vigna marina in TaiwanDeng, T. -C. ; Tsai, C. -H. ; Tsai, H. -L.; Liao, J. -Y.; Huang, W. -C.Plant Disease 2
172013First Report of Downy Mildew Caused by Plasmopara obducens on Impatiens in TaiwanShen, Y. M.; Huang, J. H. ; Liu, H. L.Plant Disease 4
182014First Report of Euphorbia leaf curl virus and Papaya leaf curl Guangdong virus on Passion Fruit in TaiwanY. H. Cheng ; T. C. Deng ; Chin-Chih Chen ; C. H. Chiang; C. A. ChangPlant Disease 11
192019First Report of Fig Decline Caused by Phytophthora niederhauserii in TaiwanChu-Ping Lin ; Jyh-Nong Tsai ; P.J. AnnPlant Disease 0
202010First Report of Fruit Rot Disease of Mango Caused by Botryosphaeria dothidea and Neofusicoccum mangiferae in TaiwanH. F. Ni ; R. F. Liou; T. H. Hung; R. S. Chen; H. R. YangPlant Disease 9