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12003Broad-Spectrum Resistance to Different Geographic Strains of Papaya ringspot virus in Coat Protein Gene Transgenic PapayaHuey-Jiunn Bau; Ying-Huey Cheng ; Tsong-Ann Yu; Jiu-Sherng Yang; Shyi-Dong YehPhytopathology 86
21992Characterization and comparison of passionfruit mottle virus, a newly recognized potyvirus, with passionfruit woodiness virusChang, C.A.Phytopathology 0
31981Comparative virus content of soybean cultivars inoculated with soybean mosaic virusHuang, C.; Lister, R.; Abney, T.; Shaner, G.Phytopathology 
42018Comparison the effects of Chrysanthemum stunt viroid, Hop stunt viroid and Citrus exocortis viroid on tomatoes using Agro-inoculationCheng, Y. H. Phytopathology 0
52016Development of a molecular marker platform for the breeding of blast resistance varieties in TaiwanChen, W.; Shen, W.; Chang, F.; Chang, W.; Yu, Z.; Liao, J.; Lai, M. ; Wu, C.; Chung, C.Phytopathology 0
61986Differentiation of clover yellow vein virus from bean yellow mosaic virus based on antigenic distinctions between nuclear inclusionsChang, C.A.; Purcifull, D.E.; Hiebert, E.Phytopathology 
72004Differentiation of Hemicriconemoides mangeriferae and Hemicriconemoides litchi based on morphological and molecular characteristicsNi, H. F. ; Cheng, Y. H. ; Chen, D. Y.; Chen, R. S.Phytopathology 0
82015Disease severity and colonization of Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. niveum transformants on watermelonChang, P. F.; Chan, P. H.; Lin, Y. H.; Chen, C. C.; Chen, K. S. ; Huang , J. W.Phytopathology 0
91998Ecological studies of transformed Trichoderma harzianum strain 1295-22 in the rhizosphere and on the phylloplane of creeping bentgrassC.-T. Lo; E. B. Nelson; C. K. Hayes; G. E. HarmanPhytopathology 66
102021The effects and mechanisms on abiotic and biotic stress tolerance of Chinese cabbages induced by Bacillus mycoidesT. H. Chang; W. Y. Chang; K. S. Chen ; J. W. Huang; P. F. L. ChangPhytopathology 0
111982Epidemiological implications of the spectrum of resistance to rice blastSang Won Ahn; Ou, S.H.Phytopathology 
122021Evaluation of the translocation of fungicides and their efficacy for control of brown root rot disease of treesT. Z. Liao; Y. H. Chen; J. N. Tsai ; C. Chao; T. P. Huang; C. F. Hong; I. J. Tsai; H. H. Lee; N. B. Klopfenstein; M. S. Kim; J. Stewart; N. Atibalentja; F. E. Brooks; P. G. Cannon; T. Hattori; H. S. Kwan; R. Y. C. Lam; Y. Ota; N. Sahashi; R. L. Schlub; C. L. ChungPhytopathology 0
132016Exploring gene loci controlling bakanae disease resistance by genome-wide association mappingChen, S.; Huang, K.; Kuo, Y.; Lai, M. ; Wu, D. ; Chung, C.Phytopathology 0
142016The Genetic Structure, Virulence, and Fungicide Sensitivity of Fusarium fujikuroi in TaiwanYu-Chia Chen; Ming-Hsin Lai ; Chia-Yi Wu; Tsung-Chun Lin ; An-Hsiu Cheng; Chin-Cheng Yang; Hsin-Yuh Wu; Sheng-Chi Chu; Chien-Chih Kuo; Yea-Fang Wu; Guo-Cih Lin; Min-Nan Tseng; Yi-Chen Tsai; Chun-Chi Lin; Chi-Yu Chen; Jenn-Wen Huang; Heng-An Lin; Chia-Lin ChungPhytopathology 15
152018Genome-wide mapping of genes controlling resistance to bakanae disease in riceChen, S.Y.; Lai, M.H. ; Tung, C.W.; Chung, C.L.Phytopathology 0
162011Genotypic classification of pathogenic variants of Xanthomonas axonopodis pv. citri from Taiwan by various DNA typing methodsLin, H.; Chang, H.; Chang, Y.Phytopathology 0
172010Identification and characterization of the causal agent of a new viral disease on sweet pepper in TaiwanHuang, C. ; Zheng, Y.; Cheng, Y ; Chen, C.; Jan, F.Phytopathology 0
181986Immunofluorescence evidence for the origin of nuclear inclusion and cytoplasmic crystals induced by bean yellow mosaic virusChang, C.A.; Purcifull, D.E.; Heibert, E.; Edwardson, J.R.Phytopathology 
192020Invasion and Colonization Pattern of Fusarium fujikuroi in RiceChieh-Yi Chen; Szu-Yu Chen; Chun-Wei Liu; Dong-Hong Wu ; Chien-Chih Kuo; Chun-Chi Lin; Hau-Ping Chou; Yu-Yao Wang; Yi-Chen Tsai; Ming-Hsin Lai ; Chia-Lin ChungPhytopathology 3
202023Investigation of Asymptomatic Infection of Phellinus noxius in Herbaceous PlantsChia-Yu Chen; Zong-Chi Wu; Tse-Yen Liu; Shiang-Shiuan Yu; Jyh-Nong Tsai ; Yu-Chang Tsai; Isheng J. Tsai; Chia-Lin ChungPhytopathology 0