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12022Atypical Climacteric and Functional Ethylene Metabolism and Signaling during Fruit Ripening in Blueberry (Vaccinium Sp.)Wang, Yi-Wen; Acharya, Tej P.; Malladi, Anish; Hsuan-Ju Tsai ; Nesmith, D. Scoth; Doyle, John W.; Nambeesan, Savithri U.HortScience 0
22022Breeding of an Indigo Phalaenopsis by Intergeneric Hybridization: Rhynchonopsis Tariflor Blue Kid '1030-4'Rung-Yi Wu ; Ting-Fang Hsieh ; Chin-Yi Tsao ; Keng-Chang Chuang HortScience 1
32019Curd Initiation and Transformation in Tropical Cauliflower Cultivars under Different Temperature TreatmentsChen-Yu Lin ; Kan-Shu Chen ; Hsuan-Ping Chen; Hsiang-I Lee ; Ching-Hsiang HsiehHortScience 5
42012Description of Two Simply Inherited Traits in Prunus campanulataTucker, Zachary; Odom, Rachel; Chaparro, Jose; Ien-Chie Wen HortScience 0
52023Effect of Simulated Photovoltaic Roofs on the Yield and Nitrate Content of Pak Choi and RapeChiao-Ling Hsiao ; Ching-Yuh Wang; Yi-Ting HsuHortScience 0
62012Effects of Nitrogen Concentration on Growth and Nutrient Uptake of Anthurium andraeanum Lind. Cultivated in Coir under Different Seasonal ConditionsKeng Heng Chang; Rung Yi Wu ; Geng Peng Chang ; Ting Fang Hsieh ; Ren Shih ChungHortScience 8
72002'Fengshan 036', a white bitter gourd cultivarTsung-Dao Liou; Kan-Shu Chen ; Shough-Peng Lee ; Jaw-Neng Lin ; Shing-Jy Tsao; Yau-Wen YangHortScience 2
82005Foliar application of aviglycine reduces natural flowering in pineappleChing-San Kuan ; Chih-Wen Yu; Mei-Li Lin; Hsin-Tszu Hsu; Duane P. Bartholomew; Chin-Ho LinHortScience 28
92022Genetics of Fruity/Floral Flavor and Relation to Other Horticultural Characteristics in TomatoCheng, Ian; Sarnoski, Paul; Le Kang ; Hutton, SamuelHortScience 0
102019Growth and Fruit Quality of Pineapple Varieties in TaiwanJou-Yi Lee ; Ching-San Kuan ; Chia-Hui Tang HortScience 0
112019Micropropagation of Tolumnia Orchids through Induction of Protocorm-like Bodies from Leaf SegmentsNittaya Chookoh; Yi-Tien Chiu; Chen Chang; Wei-Hsin Hu; Ting-En Dai HortScience 11
122018A New Pineapple Cultivar Ananas comosus (L.) Merr. ('Tainung No. 22')Ching-San Kuan ; Tan-Cha Lee; Meng-Hsun Tsai; Hui-Wen Tsai ; Chia-Hui Tang HortScience 4
132019A New Pineapple Cultivar, Tainung No. 23, with Improved Fruit Quality in SummerChia-Hui Tang ; Ching-San Kuan ; Su-Feng Roan; Chin-Lung Lee; Jer-Way Chang; Iou-Zen ChenHortScience 4
142013A Simple and Nondestructive Technique for Estimating the Newly Grown Roots of Potted Phalaenopsis PlantsKeng Heng Chang; Kuan Ting Chang; Ren Shih Chung; Chun Tang Lu ; Ting Fang Hsieh HortScience 1
152003'SpringHoney' peachShyi-Kuan Ou; Ien-Chie Wen HortScience 4
162008Static Liquid Culture of Doritaenopsis SeedlingsWei-Ting Tsai ; Chien-Young ChuHortScience 4
172018‘Taichung No. 2’: A Heat-tolerant Radish CultivarWei-Ling Chen; Cheng-Hung Hsiao; Hsueh-Shih Lin HortScience 0
182024Tainung No. 7 HongLing: A Low-chill Peach Cultivar for Early Fresh MarketChun-Che Huang ; Ien-Chie Wen; Syuan-You LinHortScience 0
192021Temperature and Different Organs Create Volatile Profile Differences of Edible Gynura [Gynura bicolor (Roxb. ex Willd.) DC]Chia-Hsun Ho ; Man-Hsia Yang ; Huey-Ling LinHortScience 0
202001Two heat-tolerant F-1 hybrids of Chinese cabbageYau-Wen Yang; Ching-Chang Tsai; Tsung-Dao Liou; Kan-Shu Chen HortScience 2