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12010Antimicrobial Activity of Edible Mushroom Culture Filtrates on Plant PathogensJin-Tong Chen ; Jenn-Wen Huang; 陳錦桐 ; 黃振文植物病理學會刊 
22014Assessment for the Viral Resistance of Sweet Potato Varieties to Three Potyviruses by Graft Inoculation王麗媛; 羅淑芳; 賴永昌 植物病理學會刊 
32010Bacillus pumilus 引起的山藥細菌性葉斑病許秀惠 ; 賴婉綺; 黃依涵; 鄧汀欽 ; Hseu, S.H. ; Lai, W.C.; Hung, Y.H.; Deng, T.C. 植物病理學會刊 
41993Biological Control of Banana Anthrancose楊宏仁植物病理學會刊 
52003Biology and Epidemiology of Erwinia rhapontici, Causal Agent of Pink Seed and Crown Rot of PlantsH.C. Huang; T.F. Hsieh ; R.S. Erickson; 黃鴻章; 謝廷芳 ; R.S. Erickson植物病理學會刊 
62007Burkholderia andropogonis引起之檳榔葉斑病及藥劑篩選許秀惠 ; 賴婉綺; 潘雅碧; 林俊義; Hseu, S.H. ; Lai, W.C.; Pan, Y.P.; Lin, C.Y.植物病理學會刊 
72010Burkholderia gladioli 引起之杏鮑菇細菌性腐敗病林羿廷; 呂昀陞 ; 張怡婷; 鄧文玲; Lin, Y.T.; Lue, Y.S. ; Chang, Y.T.; Deng, W.L.植物病理學會刊 
82008Burkholderia gladioli引起之鳳梨果腐病許秀惠 ; 曾偉凡; 賴婉綺; 潘雅碧; 林俊義; Hseu, S.H. ; Zeng, W.F.; Lai, W.C.; Pan, Y.P.; Lin, C.Y.植物病理學會刊 
91997Causal Agent and Control of the Fairy-ring Leaf Spot of Carnation in Taiwan羅朝村; 黃秀華植物病理學會刊 
101993Comparison of Diagnostic Hosts and Serological Tests for Four Cucurbit Potyviruses黃秋雄; 梁素琴; 鄧汀欽 ; 許秀惠 植物病理學會刊 
112011Control of Peronophythora fruit downy blight of lychee by neutralized phosphorous acidPao-Jen Ann; Jyh-Nong Tsai ; Hong-Ren Yang; 安寶貞; 蔡志濃 ; 楊宏仁植物病理學會刊 0
122002Control of Pythium Root Rot of Vegetable Pea Seedlings in Soilless Cultural SystemYi-Sheng Lin; Jin-Hsing Huang ; Yu-Huey Gung; 林益昇; 黃晉興 ; 龔玉惠植物病理學會刊 
132011Cymbidium black rot caused by an aberrant strain of Phytophthora multivesiculata in TaiwanLih-Ling Chern; Pao-Jen Ann; In -Tin Wang; 陳麗鈴; 安寶貞; 王姻婷植物病理學會刊 
141992Decline of Longan Trees: Association with Brown Root Rot Caused by Phellinus noxiusPao-Jen Ann; Wen-Hsiung Ko; 安寶貞; 柯文雄植物病理學會刊 
152012Diseases of Important Crops, a Review of the Causal Fastidious Prokaryotes and Their Insect VectorsC.J. Chang; Hsien-Tzung Shih ; C.C. Su; F.J. Jan; 張宗仁; 石憲宗 ; 蘇秋竹; 詹富智植物病理學會刊 0
162000Factors affecting pycnidial production and pycnidiospore germination of Phoma wasabiae, the causal agent of wasabiLo, C. T.; Wang, K. M.; 羅朝村; 王貴美植物病理學會刊 
172013Fastidious Prokaryotes and Plant HealthChung-Jan Chang; Hsien-Tzung Shih ; Chiou-Chu Su; Fuh-Jyh Jan; 張宗仁; 石憲宗 ; 蘇秋竹; 詹富智植物病理學會刊 
182009First report of Botrytis cinerea causing gray mold of Jamaica cherry in TaiwanC.H. Chen; T.F. Hsieh ; 陳俊宏; 謝廷芳 植物病理學會刊 
192009Herbaspirillum huttiensis為引起之薑黃葉桔病許秀惠 ; 宋嘉仁; 林俊義; Hseu, S.H. ; Sung, C.J.; Lin, C.Y.植物病理學會刊 
202013Identification for Streptomyces padanus Strain PMS-702 as A Biopesticide AgentH. D. Shih ; W. C. Chung; H. C. Huang; M. Tseng; J. W. Huang; 石信德 ; 鍾文全; 黃鴻章; 曾敏; 黃振文植物病理學會刊