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12010Anti-oxidative characterisation of NaN(3)-induced common bean mutantsJeng, Toong Long; Shih, Yi Ju; Lai, Chia Chi; Wu, Min Tze; Sung, Jih MinFood Chemistry 15
22011Antioxidative activity of water extract of sweet potato leaves in TaiwanWayne C. Liao; Yung-Chang Lai ; Ming-Chen Yuan; Ya-Lin Hsu; Chin-FengChanFood Chemistry 33
32020Authentication, phytochemical characterization and anti-bacterial activity of two Artemisia speciesMeng-TingYang; Tien-Fen Kuo; Kuo-Fang Chung; Yu-Chuan Liang; Ghu-Wen Yang; Chih-Yu Lin; Ching-Shan Feng; Zeng-Weng Chen; Tsung-Han Lee; Chiao-Ling Hsiao ; Wen-Chin YangFood Chemistry 9
42019Changes in physicochemical properties of corn starch upon modifications by atmospheric pressure plasma jetTsung-Yen Wu ; Chih-Ren Chang; Tsai-Ju Chang; Yu-Ju Chang; Ying Liew; Chi-Fai ChauFood Chemistry 20
52010Comparisons of flavonoids and anti-oxidative activities in seed coat, embryonic axis and cotyledon of black soybeansToong Long Jeng; Yi Ju Shih; Min Tze Wu; Jih Min SungFood Chemistry 26
62011Comparisons of α-amylase inhibitors from seeds of common bean mutants extracted through three phase partitioningH.H. Wanga; C.L. Chen; T.L. Jeng; J.M. SungFood Chemistry 35
72022An immunochromatographic assay utilizing magnetic nanoparticles to detect major peanut allergen Ara h 1 in processed foodsHsin-Yi Yin; Yi-Ting Li; Wen-Che Tsai; Hung-Yu Dai ; Hsiao-Wei WenFood Chemistry 3
82001Non-volatile taste components of several speciality mushroomsJeng-Leun Maua; Hsiu-Ching Lin; Jung-Tsun Ma; Si-Fu SongFood Chemistry 75
92019Rapidly detecting major peanut allergen-Ara h2 in edible oils using a new immunomagnetic nanoparticle-based lateral flow assayHsin-Yi Yin; Tony J. Fang; Yi-Ting Li; Yang-Fan Fung; Wen-Che Tsai; Hung-Yu Dai ; Hsiao-Wei WenFood Chemistry 18