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12021Comparisons within the Rice GA 2-Oxidase Gene Family Revealed Three Dominant Paralogs and a Functional Attenuated Gene that Led to the Identification of Four Amino Acid Variants Associated with GA Deactivation CapabilityHsieh, Kun-Ting; Chen, Yi-Ting; Hu, Ting-Jen; Lin, Shih-Min; Hsieh, Chih-Hung; Liu, Su-Hui; Shiue, Shiau-Yu; Lo, Shuen-Fang; Yi-Wen Wang ; Ching-Shan Tseng ; Chen, Liang-JwuRice 5
22015Down-Regulation of Cytokinin Oxidase 2 Expression Increases Tiller Number and Improves Rice YieldSu-Ying Yeh; Hau-Wen Chen; Chun-Yeung Ng; Chu-Yin Lin; Tung-Hai Tseng; Wen-Hsiung Li; Maurice S.B.KuRice 110
32016Genetic and Evolutionary Analysis of Purple Leaf Sheath in RiceHan-shiuan Chin; Yong-Pei Wu ; Ai-ling Hour; Chwan-yang Hong; Yann-rong LinRice 42
42020Genetic Diversity of Landraces and Improved Varieties of Rice (Oryza sativa L.) in TaiwanAi-ling Hour; Wei-hsun Hsieh; Su-huang Chang; Yong-Pei Wu ; Han-shiuan Chin; Yann-rong LinRice 22
52019Genome-wide association mapping of gene loci affecting disease resistance in the rice-Fusarium fujikuroi pathosystemSzu-Yu Chen; Ming-Hsin Lai ; Chih-Wei Tung; Dong-Hong Wu ; Fang-Yu Chang; Tsung-Chun Lin ; Chia-Lin ChungRice 9
62021The Impact of Climate Change on the Resistance of Rice Near-Isogenic Lines with Resistance Genes Against Brown PlanthopperKuang, Yun-Hung; Fang, Yu-Fu; Lin, Shau-Ching; Tsai, Shin-Fu; Yang, Zhi-Wei; Charng-Pei Li ; Huang, Shou-Horng ; Hechanova, Sherry Lou; Jena, Kshirod K; Chuang, Wen-PoRice 5
72021Overexpression of a Novel ERF-X-Type Transcription Factor, OsERF106MZ, Reduces Shoot Growth and Tolerance to Salinity Stress in RiceHung-Chi Chen; Tzu-Cheng Chien; Tsung-Yang Chen; Ming-Hau Chiang; Ming-Hsin Lai ; Men-Chi ChangRice 14
82017Physiological and molecular responses of seedlings of an upland rice (‘Tung Lu 3’) to total submergence compared to those of a submergence-tolerant lowland rice (‘FR13A’)Yang, Si-Yu; Wu, Yu-Sian; Chen, Chung-Tse; Ming-Hsin Lai ; Hsing-Mu Yen ; Yang, Chin-YingRice 18
92020Transcriptome Analysis of Early Defenses in Rice against Fusarium fujikuroiAn-Po Cheng; Szu-Yu Chen; Ming-Hsin Lai ; Dong-Hong Wu ; Shih-Shun Lin; Chieh-Yi Chen; Chia-Lin ChungRice 12
102022Two genomic regions of a sodium azide induced rice mutant confer broad-spectrum and durable resistance to blast diseaseKuan-Lin Lo; Yi-Nian Chen ; Min-Yu Chiang; Mei-Chun Chen; Jerome P. Panibe; Chung-Chun Chiu; Lu-Wei Liu; Liang-Jwu Chen; Chun-Wei Chen ; Wen-Hsiung Li; Chang-Sheng WangRice 5