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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)SourcescopusWOSFulltext/Archive link
12023Colletotrichum species causing anthracnose disease on avocado fruit in TaiwanChao-Jung Wu ; Miao-Chun Lin; Hui-Fang Ni European Journal of Plant Pathology 2
21999Effect of Film-forming Polymers on Control of Lily Leaf Blight Caused by Botrytis ellipticaTing Fang Hsieh ; Jenn Wen HuangEuropean Journal of Plant Pathology 11
32014Genetic diversity and identification of race 3 of Fusarium oxysporum f. sp lactucae in TaiwanYing-Hong Lin; Po-Jung Lai; Tao-Ho Chang; Yu-Ling Wan; Jenn-Wen Huang; Jin-Hsing Huang ; Pi-Fang Linda ChangEuropean Journal of Plant Pathology 14
42020Identification and characterization of Colletotrichum species associated with mango anthracnose in TaiwanChao-Jung Wu ; Hsin-Kuei Chen; Hui-Fang Ni European Journal of Plant Pathology 26
52004Interaction between Likubin Bacterium and Phytophthora parasitica in Citrus HostsPao-Jen Ann; Wen-Hsiung Ko; Hong-Ji SuEuropean Journal of Plant Pathology 6
62001Light and Scanning Electron Microscopy Studies on the Infection of Oriental Lily Leaves By Botrytis EllipticaTing Fang Hsieh ; Jenn Wen Huang; Tom HsiangEuropean Journal of Plant Pathology 28
72012A nested multiplex PCR for species-specific identification and detection of Botryosphaeriaceae species on mangoHui-Fang Ni ; Hong-Ren Yang; Ruey-Shyang Chen; Ting-Hsuan Hung; Ruey-Fen LiouEuropean Journal of Plant Pathology 13
82020Phylogenetic and population genetic analyses reveal three distinct lineages of the invasive brown root-rot pathogen, Phellinus noxius, and bioclimatic modeling predicts differences in associated climate nichesJ. E. Stewart; M.-S. Kim; Y. Ota; N. Sahashi; J. W. Hanna; M. Akiba; J. P. Ata; N. Atibalentja; F. Brooks; C.-L. Chung; E. K. Dann; A. Mohd Farid; T. Hattori; S. S. Lee; K. Otto; G. S. Pegg; R. L. Schlub; L. S. Shuey; A. M. C. Tang; J.-N. Tsai ; P. G. Cannon; N. B. KlopfensteinEuropean Journal of Plant Pathology 9
92023Rapid identification and characterization of pineapple fruitlet core rot pathogens on the 'TN20' cultivar in TaiwanYu-Ping Liang ; Kuan-Yu Lin; Su-Yu Lai; Hui-Fang Ni European Journal of Plant Pathology 0