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119582,4-D對於柑橘增產之功效及其應用方法黃啟章; Chi-Chang Hwang中華農學會報 
219552,4-D處理與番茄增產試驗諶靜吾; 黃永傳中華農學會報 
31976Absorption and translocation of the new selective insecticide, S baygon (2 isopropoxyphenyl N methyl(2 toluenesulfenyl) carbamate) in bean plantsSung-Lien Lee; 李順連中華農學會報 
41967Behavior of X-Ray Induced Semi-sterile Rice Plants in the bulked Population for Several GenerationsChen-Seng Huag; Nan-Tian Chuang; 黃真生; 莊南田中華農學會報 
51978Cytological and Agronomical Studies on American Wild-Rice, Zizania palustris, and Its Related SpeciesCHEN-SENG HUANG; 黃真生中華農學會報 
61991Data transformation in stability analysis of dynamic-model. 2.Effects on genetic-parametersLu, H.Y.; Wu, H.P.中華農學會報 
72000Differences in Radiation and Temperature in Row Tunnels of Different Covering MaterialsChwen-Ming Yang ; Muh-Rong Su; 楊純明 ; 蘇慕容中華農學會報 
81992Effects of abscisic-acid on the leaf stomatal conductance and chilling tolerance in sorghum (Sorghum-bicolor L) eedlingsYao, M.H. ; Chu, C.中華農學會報 
91955Endrin及Folidol E-605混合乳劑對三化螟(S. incertellus)幼蟲毒力之測定盆栽試驗簡報梁同庭; 劉顯修中華農學會報 
101996The establishment of National Plant Genetic Resources Center of R.O.C. and its operational activitiesFan, M.J.; Lin, C.Y.中華農學會報 
111977Genesis and characteristics of the soils of paddy field in TaiwanLEUNG, K.W.中華農學會報 
121998Goethite in an Alfisol and an Ultisol of Southern TaiwanJen-Chyi Liu ; Zueng-sang Chen; G. Norman White; Joe B. Dixon; 劉禎祺 ; 陳尊賢中華農學會報 
131998Influence of Planting Environment on Growth and Yield of Hybrid Lilies (Ⅱ.) Climatic effects on growth and floweringChwen-Ming Yang ; Yuh-Jyuan Lee ; 楊純明 ; 李裕娟 中華農學會報 
141989Influence on stability analysis of dynamic-model suing different partitioned ways of measured timeLu, H.Y.; Wu, H.P.中華農學會報 
151995Inhibition of Lectin Agglutination with Pseudomonas solanacearum by CarbohydratesC. Y. Lin; 林俊義中華農學會報 
162002Osmotic Stress Promotes Shoot Regeneration in Immature Embryo-Derived Callus of Rice (Oryza sativa L.)Wen-Lii Huang; Yi-Chen Tsung; Li-Fei Liu; 黃文理; 曾一真; 劉麗飛中華農學會報 
171957Pepsin酵素育雛營養價值測定試驗成績報告李邦淦; P.K. Lee中華農學會報 
181994Post-heading production and distribution of assimilates in rice plants as influenced by sink manipulationLin, J.Y.; Chen, C.G.; Lin, J.L.中華農學會報 
191994The production of imperatorin from angelica dahurica var Formosana by cell suspension cultureTsay, H.S.; Chang, W.D.; Chen, C.C.; Chang, Y.S.; 蔡新聲; 張文德; 陳忠川; 張永勳中華農學會報 
201989Relationship between grain weight variation and concentration, distribution and use efficiency of nitrogen in riceChang, F.C.; Kuo, Y.C.; Liu, D.J.中華農學會報