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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)SourcescopusWOSFulltext/Archive link
12013Development of novel microsatellite markers for effective applications in Anthurium cultivar identificationJau-Yueh Wang ; Keng-Chang Chuang Euphytica 16
22015Genetic analysis and molecular mapping of QTLs associated with resistance to bacterial blight in a rice mutant, SA0423Hsin-Yi Tseng ; Da-Gin Lin ; Hsiao-Ying Hsieh; Ya-June Tseng; Wen-Bin Tseng; Chun-Wei Chen ; Chang-Sheng WangEuphytica 6
32013Genome-wide InDel marker system for application in rice breeding and mapping studiesDong-Hong Wu ; Hshin-Ping Wu; Chun-Shan Wang; Hsin-Yi Tseng ; Kae-Kang HwuEuphytica 37
41975Radiation induced variations in photoperiod-sensitivity, thermo-sensitivity and the number of days to heading in riceS. C. Hsieh; T. M. Chang Euphytica 0