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119542,4-D 對蕃茄單為結果之誘導黃永傳; 諶靜吾; Yung-Chuang Huang; Ching-Wu Shing農業研究 0
219692-Amino-4-Chloro-6-Methyl Pyrimidine 抑制氮肥硝化作用之研究(第二報)徐水泉; 溫西濱; S.C. Hsu; C.P. Wen農業研究 0
319672-Amino-4-chloro-6-methylpyrimidine抑制氮肥硝酸化作用之研究(第1報)溫西濱; H.P. Wen農業研究 0
41972Agronomic Performance of the F1, F2 and F3 Generations of Rice CrossesW.L. Chang; E.H. Lin; 張萬來; 林恩輝農業研究 0
51952Annual and Local Variation of the Varietal Resistance of Rice to the Blast DiseaseYoshio Hashioka農業研究 0
61974Assessment of Yield Losses Due to Rice Sheath Blight at Different Inoculation StagesW.H. Tsai; 蔡武雄農業研究 0
71963Bioassay of Certain Fungicides for the Rice Blast Fungus, Piricularia OryzaeS.C. Jong; C.C. Chine; C.L. Chu; 鐘順昌; 簡錦忠; 朱啟魯農業研究 0
81963Black Parlatoria, Parlatoria Zizyphus (Lucas)Liang-Chuan Chang; Chia-Chu Tao; 張良傳; 陶家駒農業研究 0
91973Breeding of Kenaf through Mutation Induced by Gamma-Rays and Thermal NeutronsM.L. Lai; James M. Dempsey; 賴銘立; James M. Dempsey農業研究 0
101973CCC對水稻生長發育倒伏及產量之影響黃明得; 湯文通; M.T. Huang; W.T. Tang農業研究 0
111973Citrus Insect Control in Taiwan and A New Integrated Control MethodC.C. Tao; 陶家駒農業研究 
121965Comparative Study of Weed Control Methods in RiceW.L. Chang; 張萬來農業研究 0
131955A Comparative Study on the Behavior of Nutrient Uptake between Jute (Corchorus capsularis) and Kenaf (Hibscus cannabinus)C.F. Lin; 林家棻農業研究 0
141960Control of Cotton Pests with Some New Insecticides after TyphoonChia-Hwa Tao; 陶家驊農業研究 0
151957Control of Paddy Borer on the Second Rice Crop in 1957Chia-Hwa Tao; 陶家驊農業研究 0
161959Corrections and Additions to The Aphid-Fauna of ChinaChia-Chu Tao; 陶家駒農業研究 0
171973Curvularia lunata菌之生理性質及其對水稻病原性之研究朱啟魯; 簡錦忠; C.L. Chu; C.C. Chien農業研究 0
181969Cytogenetic Studies on Triple Translocation Heterozygotes of RiceChen-Seng Huang; Nan-Tian Chuang; Chi-Dei Wan; Hsing-Huei Hu; 黃真生; 莊南田; 萬致第; 傅幸惠農業研究 0
191968Dapog秧苗生產力之初步觀察張萬來; W.L. Chang農業研究 0
201957DDT, BHC粉劑對水稻鐵甲蟲成蟲藥效比較試驗梁同庭; 劉顯修; Tung-Ting Liang; Hsien-Hsiu Liu農業研究 0