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11997Biological Control of Turf Diseases Using Trichoderma harzianurnC.T. Lo; 羅朝村植物保護學會會刊 
21999Breeding Guava Resistant Lines Against Myxosporium WiltWan, Wu-Chang; Leu, Lii-Sin; 王武彰; 王理燊植物保護學會會刊 
31996Characterization of Passionfruit Crinkle Potyvirus - a Newly Found Virus Infecting PassionfruitC.A. Chang; C.C. Chen ; T.C. Deng; F.W. Zettler; 張清安; 陳金枝 ; 鄧汀欽 ; Zettler, F.W.植物保護學會會刊 
42003Checklist of Platypodidae (Coleoptera: Curculionoidea) from TaiwanRoger A. Beaver; Hsien-Tzung Shih ; Roger A. Beaver; 石憲宗 植物保護學會會刊 
51963Control of Paddy Borer Sthoenobius incertulas Walker on the Second Rice Crop in Taiwan from 1958-1961Chia-hwa Tao; Chin-chyuan Tang; Jian-min Yu; 陶家驊; 湯慶銓; 余健敏植物保護學會會刊 
61988Control of Pythium Damping Off and Root Rot of Cucumber with S-H. Mixture as Soil AmendmentYi-Sheng Lin; Chaur-Tsuen Lo; 林益昇; 羅朝村植物保護學會會刊 
71994Development of Trichogramma embryo pha gum and T. ostriniae (Hym.: Trichogrammatidae) at five temperatures and their relative recovery from host eggsB.H. Chen; 陳炳輝植物保護學會會刊 
81964DI-SYSTON防治日間棉虫試驗第一報杜金池; 游江海; C.C. Tu; C.H. Yu植物保護學會會刊 
91965Di-Syston防治日間棉蟲試臉(第二報)杜金池; 游江海; C.C. Tu; C.H. Yu植物保護學會會刊 
101979Distribution and Retention of Tetracyclines in Healthy and Likubin-affected Citrus Trees Following Trunk TransfusionRen-Jong Chiu; Mou-Yo Tsai; Chiou-Hsiung Huang; 邱人璋; 蔡謀祐; 黃秋雄植物保護學會會刊 
111964Dithane M-22在洋菇上餘毒遺留量之測定蘇昕; 杜自疆; 高哲彥植物保護學會會刊 
121985Ecology and Control of Phytophthora melonis in Drained Paddy FieldYi-Sheng Lin; Rey-Shung. Wu; 林益昇; 吳瑞香植物保護學會會刊 
131993Effect of Apple Root Sucker, on Density and Dispersal of Spider and Predatory MitesK.Y. Ho; 何坤耀植物保護學會會刊 
141985Effect of the Endomycorrhizal Fungus Glomus mosseae on Soybean Mosalc Virusin SoybeanS.K. Green; T.C. Deng ; Green, S.K.; 鄧汀欽 植物保護學會會刊 
151981Effect of virus infection on te yield and quality of sweet potatoesMei-lie Chung; Chia-hsin Liao; Liang Li; 鐘美麗; 廖嘉信; 李良植物保護學會會刊 
161997Effects of a Nonsteroidal Ecdysteroid Agonist on Survival and Development of the Diamondback Moth, Plutella xylostellaRoger F. Hou; Ling Lan Cheng; Chien Chung Chen ; 侯豐男; 鄭玲蘭; 陳健忠 植物保護學會會刊 
171990Effects of Potato Leafhopper, Empoasca fabae (Harris), and Water Stress on Alfalfa Forage Yield and QualityC.C. Chen; F.B. Radcliffe; C.C. Sheaffer; G.C. Marten; 陳健忠 植物保護學會會刊 
182003Eight phytoseiid mites from the Matsu IslandsChyi-Chen Ho; Hsien-Tzung Shih ; Wen-Hua Chen; 何琦琛; 石憲宗 ; 陳文華植物保護學會會刊 
191964Endosulfan與Zectran在小白菜上遺毒持久性之研究梁同庭; 周家芳植物保護學會會刊 
202003Erwinia carotovora subsp. carotovora 引起之番茄細菌性莖腐病許秀惠 ; 林俊義; 宋子承; Hseu, S. H. ; Lin, C. Y.; Sung, T. C.植物保護學會會刊