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12012Agronomic, molecular and antioxidative characterization of red- and purple-pericarp rice (Oryza sativa L.) mutants in TaiwanToong Long Jeng; Chia Chi Lai; Pei Tzu Ho; Yi Ju Shih; Jih Min SungJournal of Cereal Science 10
22009Nucleotide polymorphisms in the waxy gene of NaN(3)-induced waxy rice mutantsToong Long Jeng; Chang Sheng Wang; Tung Hai Tseng; Min Tze Wu; Jih Min SungJournal of Cereal Science 10
32005Specific expression of a sesame storage protein in transgenic rice branTiger T.T. Lee; Mei-Chu Chung; Yu-Wei Kao; Chang-Sheng Wang; Liang-Jwu Chen; Jason T.C. TzenJournal of Cereal Science 18