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12005Determining the Optimal Timing for Using LAI and NDVI to Predict Rice YieldRong-Kuen Chen; Chwen-Ming Yang ; 陳榮坤; 楊純明 航測及遙測學刊 0
22007Differences in Growth Estimation and Yield Prediction of Rice Crop Using Satellites Data Simulated from near Ground Hyperspectral ReflectanceChwen-Ming Yang ; Rong-Kuen Chen; 楊純明 ; 陳榮坤航測及遙測學刊 0
31999Estimation of Rice Growth from Reflectance Spectra of Vegetative CoverMuh-Rong Su; Chwen-Ming Yang ; 蘇慕容; 楊純明 航測及遙測學刊 0
42000Monitoring Seasonal Changes in Canopy Temperature of Digitaria decumbens Stent. by Thermal Infrared Remote SensingChwen-Ming Yang ; Hsiao-Li Lai; Yih-Min Shy; Ruey-Hshiung Buu; 楊純明 ; 賴小麗; 施意敏; 卜瑞雄航測及遙測學刊 0
51998Seasonal Changes in Canopy Spectra of Sweet PotatoChwen-Ming Yang ; Chi-Chia Ko; 楊純明 ; 葛齊家航測及遙測學刊 0
62008Using Formosat-2 Satellite Data to Estimate Leaf Area Index of Rice CropChwen-Ming Yang ; Cheng-Chien Liu; Yi-Wen Wang; 楊純明 ; 劉正千; 王薏雯航測及遙測學刊 0