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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)SourcescopusWOSFulltext/Archive link
12010Botrytis fabiopsis, a new species causing chocolate spot of broad bean in central ChinaJing Zhang; Ming-De Wu; Guo-Qing Li; Long Yang; Lin Yu; Dao-Hong Jiang; Hung-Chang Huang; Wen-Ying ZhuangMycologia 53
21975Identity and Cultivation of a New Commercial Mushroom in TaiwanS. C. Jong; J. T. PengMycologia 0
31977A New Species of Thanatephorus From Jute in TaiwanC. C. Tu; Y. H. Cheng ; James W. KimbroughMycologia 0
42006Pythiogeton zizaniae, a new species causing basal stalk rot of water bamboo in TaiwanPao-Jen Ann; Jin-Hsing Huang ; In-Tin Wang; Wen-Hsiung KoMycologia 10
52004Pythium sukuiense, a New Species from Undisturbed Natural Forest in TaiwanWen-Hsiung Ko; Shin-Yuan Wang; Pao-Jen AnnMycologia 5
61995Spore Development of Entrophospora kentinensis in an Aeroponic SystemChi-Guang Wu; Yen-Sher Liu; Ling-Ling HungMycologia 0
71993Spore Ontogeny of Glomus GlobiferumChi-Guang Wu; David M. SylviaMycologia 0