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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)SourcescopusWOSFulltext/Archive link
12020Accumulation of gallium (Ga) and indium (In) in rice grains in Ga- andIn-contaminated paddy soilsChien-Hui Syu ; Pei-Wen Chen; Chia-Chen Huang; Dar-Yuan LeeEnvironmental Pollution 1
22012Chromate removal as influenced by the structural changes of soil components upon carbonization at different temperaturesK.Y. Chena; J.C. Liu; P.N. Chiang; S.L. Wang; W.H. Kuan; Y.M. Tzou; Y. Deng; K.J. Tseng; C.C. Chen; M.K. WangEnvironmental Pollution 11
32020Effect of applying calcium peroxide on the accumulation of arsenic in rice plants grown in arsenic-elevated paddy soilsChien-Hui Syu ; Chih-Han Yu; Dar-Yuan LeeEnvironmental Pollution 0
42009Prediction of Cadmium uptake by brown rice and derivation of soil-plant transfer models to improve soil protection guidelinesRomkens, P. F. A. M.; H.Y. Guo ; C.L. Chu; T. S. Liu ; C. F. Chiang ; Koopmans, G. F.Environmental Pollution 113