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12013Fastidious Prokaryotes and Plant HealthChung-Jan Chang; Hsien-Tzung Shih ; Chiou-Chu Su; Fuh-Jyh Jan2013 媒介昆蟲與蟲媒病害國際研討會專刊 
22013Habitat Effects on Population Density and Movement of Insect Vectors of Xylellafastidiosa in California, USARodrigo Krugner2013 媒介昆蟲與蟲媒病害國際研討會專刊 
32013How Effective is Sharpshooter Control at Limiting Pierce's Disease Spread in California Vineyards?Matthew Patrick Daugherty; Tracy Pinckard; Sarah Davenport; Frank Byrne; Adam Zeilinger2013 媒介昆蟲與蟲媒病害國際研討會專刊 
42013Insect Transmission of Tomato Yellow Leaf Curl VirusesSung-Hsia Weng; Chi-Wei Tsai2013 媒介昆蟲與蟲媒病害國際研討會專刊 
52013An Integrated Management of Citrus Huanglongbing in TaiwanChia-Hsin Tsai ; Ting-Hsuan Hung; Hong-Ji Su2013 媒介昆蟲與蟲媒病害國際研討會專刊 
62013Invasive Potential of Xylella fastidiosaPurcell, Alexander Holmes2013 媒介昆蟲與蟲媒病害國際研討會專刊 
72013Matsumura’s Collection of Froghoppers and Sharpshooters (Hemiptera: Cicadomorpha) of Taiwan in the Hokkaido University Insect CollectionKazunori Yoshizawa; Jeng-Tze Yang; Yu-Der Wen; Hsien-Tzung Shih 2013 媒介昆蟲與蟲媒病害國際研討會專刊 
82013The New, Third-generation, AC-DC Electrical Penetration Graph (EPG) Monitor and Its Usefulness for IPM Research on Vectors of Plant PathogensElaine Athene Backus2013 媒介昆蟲與蟲媒病害國際研討會專刊 
92013The occurrence of Pierce’s disease of grapevines and its control strategies in TaiwanChiou-Chu Su; Che-Ming Chang; Chung-Jan Chang; Wen-Ying Su; Wen-Ling Deng; Hsien-Tzung Shih 2013 媒介昆蟲與蟲媒病害國際研討會專刊 
102013Overview of the Phylogeny, Taxonomy and Diversity of the Leafhopper (Hemiptera: Auchenorrhyncha: Cicadomorpha: Membracoidea:Cicadellidae) Vectors of Plant PathogensDietrich, Christopher Hallock2013 媒介昆蟲與蟲媒病害國際研討會專刊 
112013Potential Vectors of Pierce’s Disease in Taiwan: Ecology and Integrated ManagementHsien-Tzung Shih ; Yu-Der Wen; Chun-Chen Fanjian; Chung-Jan Chang; Che-Ming Chang; Chi-Yang Lee ; Ming-Hui Yao; Shu-Chen Chang ; Fuh-Jyh Jan; Chiou-Chu Su2013 媒介昆蟲與蟲媒病害國際研討會專刊 
122013Taxonomy and Biology of Egg Parasitoids of Auchenorrhyncha of Economic Importance in Taiwan and Adjacent Countries, and of Proconiine Sharpshooters in the New WorldSerguei Vladimirovich Triapitsyn2013 媒介昆蟲與蟲媒病害國際研討會專刊 
132013Tomato Leaf Curl Disease in Taiwan and Breeding for Resistance Against itWen-Shi Tsai; Lawrence Kenyon; Peter Hanson; Su-Ling Shih; Fuh-Jyh Jan2013 媒介昆蟲與蟲媒病害國際研討會專刊 
142013Tospoviruses and Thrips-is There an Evolutionary Relationship?Laurence Alfred Mound2013 媒介昆蟲與蟲媒病害國際研討會專刊 
152013Understanding Bacterial Virulence Genes and Mechanisms of Host Response to Insect-Mediated Citrus HuanglongbingHong Lin2013 媒介昆蟲與蟲媒病害國際研討會專刊 
162013Xylella fastidiosa DiversityRodrigo Piacentini Paes De Almeida; Adam Christopher Retchless2013 媒介昆蟲與蟲媒病害國際研討會專刊 
172013Xylella fastidiosa-Elicited Leaf Scorch Diseases in TaiwanWen-Ling Deng; Chiou-Chu Su; Chung-Jan Chang2013 媒介昆蟲與蟲媒病害國際研討會專刊 
182013(特173號)Proceedings of the 2013 International Symposium on Insect Vectors and Insect-Borne Diseases張宗仁; 李啟陽 ; 石憲宗 ; Chung-Jan Chang; Chi-Yang Lee ; Hsien-Tzung Shih 2013 媒介昆蟲與蟲媒病害國際研討會專刊