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English NameFull NameDepartmentResearch Field
Chih-Kai Yang楊智凱 Agricultural Engineering Division Agricultural machine design, Vibration analysis, Automatic system
Chun-Tang Lu呂椿棠 Agricultural Development and Service Center Biometrics, Quantitative Genetics, Population Genetics, Crop system simulation and analysis, Bioinformatics, Computer Science, Crop cultivation
Geng-Peng Chang張庚鵬 Agricultural Technology Translation Center 養液栽培,植物營養,土壤肥料
Hsien-Tzung Shih石憲宗 Applied Zoology Division Insect diversity, systematics, behavior, and physical control for the order Hemiptera
Hsueh-Shih Lin林學詩 Taiwan Agricultural Research Institute Biotechnology
Jyh-Nong Tsai蔡志濃 Plant Pathology Division Rice Breeding, Rice Cultivation
Jyh-Rong Tsay蔡致榮 Taiwan Agricultural Research Institute Power and Machinery in Agriculture, Equipment and Methods in Pesticide Application, Precision Farming, Instrumentation and Control, System Simulation and Analysis
Shu Chen陳述 Crop Genetic Resources and Biotechnology Division Fruit beeding, fruit crop genetic resource cobservation
Ting-En Dai戴廷恩 Floricultural Experiment Branch Plant tissue culture, Plant physiology, Genetic Diversity
Ting-Fang Hsieh謝廷芳 Taiwan Agricultural Research Institute Diagnosis and identification of flower diseases, Ecology of Fungal Plant Pathogens, Screening and Breeding of Disease Resistant plants, Non-chemical control of Plant Diseases
Tsang-Sen Liu劉滄棽 Agricultural Chemistry Division Geographic information System, Environment system simulation and analysis, Statistics Analysis
Wen-Li Lee李文立 Fengshan Tropical Horticultural Experiment Branch Fruit Physiology and Breeding, Molecular Biology
Yi-Tan Fang方怡丹 Chiayi Agricultural Experiment Branch 園藝作物產業規劃
Yu-Hua Wang王毓華 Crop Science Division Genetics and breeding of vegetable crops