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English NameFull NameDepartmentResearch Field
Bei-Chen Hsiu許北辰 Beneficial Insect Laboratory Biological control
Bo-Wen Lin林柏文 Integrated Pest Management Laboratory Application of plant endophytes; Integrated pest management
Chi-Feng Lee李奇峰 Insect Systematics Laboratory Insect diversity, evolution, and conservation, especially in the Coleoptera, with emphasis on phylogenetics, ecology, biogeography, behavior
Chi-Yang Lee李啟陽 Integrated Pest Management Laboratory Least-toxic pest control
Feng-Chyi Lin林鳳琪 Small Insect Pest Laboratory Biological control, ecology, economic entomology, insect vector, pest management
Hsien-Tzung Shih石憲宗 Applied Zoology Division Insect diversity, systematics, behavior, and physical control for the order Hemiptera
Hsuan Shentu申屠萱 Pest Physiology and Biochemistry Laboratory Biological control, Crop protection
Me-Chi Yao姚美吉 Integrated Pest Management Laboratory Stored-Product Insects, Crop Protection, Toxicology
Ming-Yao Chiang江明耀 Pest Physiology and Biochemistry Laboratory Plant Protection, GIS, Insect attractants
Shu-Chen Chang張淑貞 Integrated Pest Management Laboratory Pesticide immunoassay, Insect molecular biotechnology, Crop protection
Shu-Pei Chen陳淑佩 Insect Systematics Laboratory nsect taxonomy, systematics
Wan-Hsiu Yang楊婉秀 Beneficial Insect Laboratory 
Yaw-Jen Dong董耀仁 Beneficial Insect Laboratory Plant Protection
Yi-Ju Chen陳怡如 Small Insect Pest Laboratory Pest management, Ecological Entomology
Yu-Bing Huang黃毓斌 Pest Physiology and Biochemistry Laboratory Plant Protection, Insect Ecology