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English NameFull NameDepartmentResearch Field
Charng-Pei Li李長沛 Rice Crop Laboratory Rice Genetics, Rice Breeding, Rice Germplasm
Chia-Hsun Ho何佳勳 Crop and Strss Physiology Laboratory Plant physiology, Light-emitting Diode (LED) Applications
Chiao-Ling Hsiao蕭巧玲 Crop and Strss Physiology Laboratory Plant physiology
Dong-Hong Wu吳東鴻 Rice Crop Laboratory Rice Breeding, Marker Assisted Selection, Genetic Mapping Study (QTL Mapping, Genome-Wide Association Study)
Guang-Jauh Shieh謝光照 Dryland and Special Crop Laboratory Quantitative Genetics, Corn Genetics and Breeding, Crop cultivation
Hsing-Mu Yen顏信沐 Rice Crop Laboratory Crop Breeding, Crop Cultivation, Crop Physiology
Hung-Yu Dai戴宏宇 Dryland and Special Crop Laboratory Peanut and Wheat Breeding, QTL Mapping, Marker Assisted Breeding
Le Kang康樂 Vegetable Crops Laboratory Ongoing projects include studies on tomato breeding, tomato core collection and vegetable cultivation techniques under protected structure
Man-Hsia Yang楊滿霞 Biostatistics and Bioinformatics Laboratory Experimental Design, Statistics
Min-Chi Hsu徐敏記 Postharvest Handling Laboratory Postharvest handling
Ming-Hsin Lai賴明信 Rice Crop Laboratory Rice Breeding, Rice Cultivation
Ming-Te Lu陸明德 Fruit Crops Laboratory Fruit breeding, fruit cultivation, plant physiology
Pei-Ju Lin林沛儒 Postharvest Handling Laboratory 
Ping-Wei Sun孫凭瑋 Dryland and Special Crop Laboratory 
Shin-Ruei Lee李欣叡 Dryland and Special Crop Laboratory 分子標誌輔助育種
Tzu-Kai Lin林子凱 Vegetable Crops Laboratory Vegetable Breeding, Genetic Analysis, Molecular Breeding
Wei-Chen Wang王維晨 Fruit Crops Laboratory 
Yee-Ting Wang王怡玎 Postharvest Handling Laboratory Postharvest biology and technology of horticultural crops
Yi-Kung Lin林義恭 Dryland and Special Crop Laboratory Traditional Chinese medicine, active ingredient, crop breeding, cells, gene regulation
Yu-Ru Chen陳裕儒 Dryland and Special Crop Laboratory maize breeding and cultivation, biological markers assisted selection, maize double haploid technology
Yu-Shan Lin林妤姍 Postharvest Handling Laboratory 園產品採後處理與貯運技術
Yung-Chou Lin林詠洲 Fruit Crops Laboratory Crop cultivation