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12022Field-scale rice yield prediction from Sentinel-2 monthly image composites using machine learning algorithmsNguyen-Thanh Son; Chi-Farn Chen; Youg-Sin Cheng; Piero Toscano; Cheng-Ru Chen; Shu-Ling Chen; Kuo-Hsin Tseng; Chien-Hui Syu ; Horng-Yuh Guo ; Yi-Ting Zhang Ecological Informatics 
22021Comparison of As accumulation and speciation in water spinach (Ipomoea aquatica Forssk.) grown in As-elevated soils under flooding versus upland conditionsYi-Jie Liao; Chien-Hui Syu ; Dar-Yuan LeeJournal of Hazardous Materials 
32021重金屬十面埋伏作物如何避開汙染、安全生產?林毓雯 ; 許健輝 ; 郭鴻裕 豐年雜誌 
42021Assessing human health risk of arsenic for rice consumption by an iron plaque based partition ratio modelKai-Wei Juang; Li-Jia Chu; Chien-Hui Syu ; Bo-Ching ChenScience of the Total Environment 
52021A phenological object-based approach for rice crop classification using time-series Sentinel-1 Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) data in TaiwanNguyen-Thanh Son; Chi-Farn Chen; Cheng-Ru Chen; Piero Toscano; Youg-Sing Cheng; Hong-Yuh Guo; Chien-Hui Syu International Journal of Remote Sensing 
62021The growth and uptake of gallium (Ga) and indium (In) of wheat seedlings in Ga- and In-contaminated soilsChien-Hui Syu ; Liang-Yu Chen; Dar-Yuan LeeScience of the Total Environment 
72020Effect of applying calcium peroxide on the accumulation of arsenic in rice plants grown in arsenic-elevated paddy soilsChien-Hui Syu ; Chih-Han Yu; Dar-Yuan LeeEnvironmental Pollution 0
82020Aspects of cultivar variation in physiological traits related to Cd distribution in rice plants with a short-term stressWan-Ting Chiao; Bo-Ching Chen; Chien-Hui Syu ; Kai-Wei JuangBotanical Studies 
92020Accumulation of gallium (Ga) and indium (In) in rice grains in Ga- andIn-contaminated paddy soilsChien-Hui Syu ; Pei-Wen Chen; Chia-Chen Huang; Dar-Yuan LeeEnvironmental Pollution 1
102019水分管理對不同水稻品種穀粒鎘累積之影響許健輝 ; 鄭佳怡; 劉滄棽 ; 吳東鴻 ; 郭鴻裕 ; 林毓雯 ; Chien-Hui Syu ; Chia-Yi Cheng; Tsang-Sen Liu ; Dong-Hong Wu ; Horng-Yuh Guo ; Yu-Wen Lin 台灣農業研究 0
112019作物重金屬污染新解方品種、pH值、水分三管齊下降低作物鎘、鉛吸收林毓雯 ; 許健輝 ; 李宗翰; 郭雅紋; 陳鴻堂; 毛壬杰農業世界 
122019加強查驗力度,為國人食安把關-農糧作物安全品質監測與管理范敉晨; 李協昌; 林毓雯 ; 許健輝 農政與農情 
132019Cadmium in rice grains from a field trial in relation to model parameters of Cd-toxicity and-absorption in rice seedlingsWan-Ting Chiao; Chien-Hui Syu ; Bo-Ching Chen; Kai-Wei JuangEcotoxicology and Environmental Safety 6
142019Arsenic phytotoxicity and accumulation in rice seedlings grown in arsenic-contaminated soils as influenced by the characteristics of organic matter amendments and soilsChien-Hui Syu ; Pei-Rung Wu; Chia-Hsing Lee; Kai-Wei Juang; Dar-Yuan LeeJournal of Plant Nutrition and Soil Science 6
152018評估氯化鐵清洗法對含鎘水稻田土壤鎘移除、土壤性質及稻作生長之影響許健輝 ; 林毓雯 ; 鄭佳怡; 何雅婷; 陳柱中 ; 劉滄棽 ; 郭鴻裕 ; Chien-Hui Syu ; Yu-Wen Lin ; Chia-Yi Cheng; Ya-Ting Ho; Chu-Chung Chen ; Tsang-Sen Liu ; Horng-Yuh Guo 台灣農業研究 0
162018高汙染風險農地,源頭把關水稻鎘含量-工業汙染來源趨多,提升「低鎘累積能力」為育種指標吳東鴻 ; 吳佩真; 李長沛 ; 林毓雯 ; 許健輝 豐年雜誌 0
172018Adsorption of tetracycline on Fe (hydr)oxides: effects of pH and metal cation (Cu2+, Zn2+ and Al3+) addition in various molar ratiosLiang-Ching Hsu; Yu-Ting Liu; Chien-Hui Syu ; Mei-Hsia Huang; Yu-Min Tzou; Heng Yi TeahRoyal Society Open Science 12
182018Growth inhibition of rice (Oryza saliva L.) seedlings in Ga- and In-contaminated acidic soils is respectively caused by Al and Al plus In toxicityJeng-Yan Su; Chien-Hui Syu ; Dar-Yuan LeeJournal of Hazardous Materials 8
192018Field experiment for determining lead accumulation in rice grains of different genotypes and correlation with iron oxides deposited on rhizosphere soilYu-Cheng Lai; Chien-Hui Syu ; Pin-Jie Wang; Dar-Yuan Lee; Chihhao Fan; Kai-Wei JuangScience of the Total Environment 19
202017以功能性分子標誌輔助回交策略選育具低鎘累積能力之秈稻新品系吳佩真; 林毓雯 ; 李長沛 ; 許健輝 ; 卓緯玄 ; 顏信沐 ; 郭鴻裕 ; 賴明信 ; 吳東鴻 ; Pi-Jen Wu; Yu-Wen Lin ; Charng-Pei Li ; Chien-Hui Syu ; Woei-Shyuan Jwo ; Hsing-Mu Yen ; Horng-Yuh Guo ; Ming-Hsin Lai ; Dong-Hong Wu 台灣農業研究 0
212017The growth and uptake of Ga and In of rice (Oryza sative L.) seedlings as affected by Ga and In concentrations in hydroponic culturesChien-Hui Syu ; Po-Hsuan Chien; Chia-Chen Huang; Pei-Yu Jiang; Kai-Wei Juang; Dar-Yuan LeeEcotoxicology and Environmental Safety 9
222014水稻品種及根部鐵膜對關渡平原土壤中植體砷累積及物種之影響許健輝 ; Chien-Hui Syu 國立臺灣大學農業化學系博士論文
232010浸水環境下磷酸鹽及碳酸鹽對污染土壤鎘釋放及物種轉變之影響許健輝 ; Chien-Hui Syu 國立中興大學土壤環境科學系所碩士論文